Jags Ramnarayan

Jags Ramnarayan is an experienced technology leader with a broad background that includes founding startups and leading teams in large organizations. As the Co-founder and CTO of SkySQL, he plays a key role in developing the company’s technology strategy, especially around data management.

Jags is passionate about data and technology. He often speaks at conferences about “distributed data” and occasionally writes blog posts and research papers. His work has significantly contributed to the development of early J2EE application servers and Java standards, showcasing his long-standing commitment to technology innovation.

With over three decades in the tech industry, Jags holds six patents and has a strong educational background with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, partial credits towards a Master’s in Computer Science, and a master’s degree in management of science. His career reflects a dedication to learning, innovation, and leading teams to success in the ever-evolving tech landscape.